Swimming pool compliance advice in Ocean Grove

Pool Barrier Inspection Services don’t just inspect pool fences for compliance certificates. Our VBA-registered inspector can provide you with professional swimming pool compliance advice – whether you are considering installing a pool or spa, in the process of building one, or already have one installed. We will provide you with a written report on what needs to be done to achieve compliance and avoid any future issues and other costs.

During a recent swimming pool compliance advice appointment in Ocean Grove we were able to work with the landowner before he engaged with his fencing contractor. We discussed a number of options for the landowner to consider regarding the pool barrier, including some that he hadn’t previously thought about. The landowner decided on a solution that retained as much surrounding vegetation as possible under the relevant pool barrier standard and maximised the use of his deck while allowing him to make future planned changes to his deck without having to amend his pool barrier.

It was great to assist the Ocean Grove landowner to design the location of their pool fence to ensure it complied with the relevant Standard for Swimming Pool Safety when installed and remove the risk of potentially costly rectification works when they were inspected for their building permit and compliance certificate.

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