Pool barrier inspection – gate hinges in Lara

The Standard for pool gates state that “Gates shall be fitted with a self-closing device that will close the gate from any position, with a stationary start, without the application of a manual force and operate the latch”.

When undertaking a pool barrier inspection, I test this by fully opening the gate then let it go and not pushing it. A compliant pool gate will return to fully closed and automatically latch. I then marginally open the pool gate so it is resting on the latch and let it go (again not pushing it). A compliant gate will again return the gate to closed and automatically latch.

If the gate doesn’t operate as required, it is highly likely due to the hinges and the springs within the hinges that have lost tension. Before engaging with a Pool Barrier Safety Inspector, it is well worth checking the functionality of the gate and if required tighten the springs. Most hinges will have directions on how to do this on YouTube. The hinges in the photo can easily be tightened by inserting a small Allan Key into one of the holes and rotating it anti-clockwise. This will expose a pin which can then be relocated to a hole to the left of its current location. Move the pin once and test the gate and if required repeat the process until the gate works as required.

Img 6138